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Support the Expansion of Linwood Monroe Arts Plus

Written by Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, in News

The following statement of support from the SPFT officers will be read at the Board of Zoning Appeals tonight as they consider the expansion of the Linwood Monroe school.

The Saint Paul Federation of Teachers believes that all students deserve high quality, inclusive learning environments, no matter who they are, where they live, or where they go to school.

This has not necessarily been the case at the lower campus of Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, but we feel fortunate that there is a plan in place to change that. This is a plan that our members at Linwood—teachers and paraprofessionals who are in front of students every day and know what their learning needs are—support and have had input on. This is the plan that parents from around the city who send their students to Linwood want and need for their students. As a union, we have always felt that these are the people who should have the most say in what happens to their school—parents and teachers, the people who know our students best.

Our members are concerned that too many outside interests have had influence on our schools, telling teachers and families what should happen with their school, rather than asking. We feel this has led to racial inequalities in our building and racial discrepancies in outcomes across the district. This plan was put together with input from the teachers and families of Linwood. The Saint Paul Federation of Teachers hopes this board will listen to the people who know our students’ needs best and approve that plan for the Linwood community.

The Board of Zoning Appeals will be holding a hearing on the proposed variances at 3pm today in room 330 at City Hall. If you are able to attend, please show up!