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Apply to be an SPFT Ambassador

Written by Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, in News

SPFT is looking for additional leaders to join our ambassador team. Ambassadors are SPFT leaders who train other local union leaders from across the country on how to organize and run a contract campaign through the Saint Paul Institute.

Ambassadors should either have participated as a Contract Action Team Member or be a SPFT leader (steward, PIC member, PTHV leader, APTT leader, SCIT leader, RP lead, etc) and attended open bargaining. This position is opened to any SPFT member – teacher, EA, or SCP – who fits those requirements.

The Saint Paul Institute is a partnership between NEA’s Center for Organizing, the American Federation of Teachers, and the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers to train educators and union staff on organizing their members and bargaining for the common good.

Participants learn form St. Paul members – Ambassadors – who have led and participated in their own campaigns, look to other case studies for inspiration, and discuss the challenges inherent in this type of work. Teams will start the process of creating their own campaign plan and calendar during this training.

You can find the application here. If you have any questions either about the application or the Institute, email Patrick ( or Leah (