Highlights from over ninety years.

June 18, 1918
The Saint Paul Federation of Women Teachers Local 28 received its charter from the American Federation of Teachers.

February 19, 1919
The Saint Paul Federation of Men Teachers Local 43 received its charter from the American Federation of Teachers.

September 2, 1919
First time teachers marched in a Labor Day Parade

1920 – 1925
First salary schedule; Defeated Merit Pay; Teachers’ Tenure Law, Right to choose textbooks in own subject; First group insurance for teachers in US

Full salary for regular teachers

Minnesota Federation of Teachers organized

1938 – 1946
Strengthening of Tenure Law; Salary Increase, Accumulative sick leave of 90 days begun

November 25, 1946
First organized Teachers strike in the United States held in Saint Paul by Local 28, the women’s union

1946 – 1951
Free textbooks to be provided; Salary increments for MA and PhD; Single salary schedule; Sabbatical leave; School Board established

September 30, 1957
Merger of Local 28 and Local 43 into one union, the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers Local 28

1965 – 1968
Largest salary increase in history in Saint Paul Schools

First Mary McGough Award given for outstanding contribution to the advancement of education in the Saint Paul Schools

Scholarships for children of Saint Paul begun

Scholarship Trust Fund established

SPFT Local 28 becomes exclusive bargaining agent

Elementary planning time of 50 minutes becomes part of contract

ER&D (Educational Research and Dissemination) begun

Strike averted at last moment in December with intervention of Mayor George Latimer

June 18, 1993
75th Anniversary

The Minnesota Federation of Teachers and the Minnesota Education Association merge to form Education Minnesota.

Vote Yes For Kids campaign wins Saint Paul School Referendum lead by SPFT

March 14, 2006
SPFT launches first-ever Professional Conference

November 27, 2006
SPFT commemorates the 60th anniversary of the 1946 Teacher Strike

ER&D Program trainers offer full complement of AFT ER&D strands

October 8, 2009
SPFT receives an AFT Inaugural Innovation Grant for the CareerTeacher Project

SPFT negotiates contract language for PAR (Peer Assistance and Review)