An Equitable Society for Our Students

On July 19, 2016, the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, along with the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) led a march and rally that drew over 1,000 people to downtown Minneapolis. This march protested the killing of St. Paul Public Schools graduate and fellow employee Philando Castile by a police officer earlier that month. Marchers rallied in front of US Bank headquarters to draw attention to the connection between America’s racist system of policing and mass incarceration and the banks and financiers who profit from it. These systems have had a devastating effect on the communities where are students live – and they impact our schools by destabilizing the lives of students and competing for funding that could be spent on our schools.

Materials for Fall staff discussion:

Police Prison and Profits One Pager

Rally Video with interviews


Additional Resources for staff or community discussion:

Highlight video from Rally

To view “Police, Prisons, and Profits” a briefing from Minnesotans for a Fair Economy on the links between US Bank, Wells Fargo, and profits from our criminal justice system, click here.

Minnesotans for Fair Economy report With Friends Like These: How Us Bank and Wells Fargo Harm the St. Paul Public Schools.

Video on where money is going instead of Saint Paul Schools, click here.

Discussion sheet on predatory lending in the Twin Cities area and an accompanying map showing concentrations of subprime loans in the Twin Cities.

Twin Cities in Crisis: Unequal Treatments of Communities of Color in Mortgage Lending