Parent Teacher Home Visits

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SPFT’s Parent Teacher Home Visits: About Us

The National Parent Teacher Home Visits began in Sacramento, California in 1998 as a way to build trust and accountability between parents and teachers, interrupting a cycle of blaming each other for low student achievement. The home visit is a voluntary meeting between two equal partners with common goals, in a setting away from the institutional power of the school.

The Saint Paul Federation of Teachers is the regional training hub for the National Parent Teacher Home Visits. Since 2010, our project has grown from six teachers trained visiting about 15 families, to a total of more than 500 teachers trained today and over 1000 families visited last year.


If your school is in Saint Paul, or somewhere else in the Midwest, and you would like our team to come out and train your school contact Miesha Sanders, regional hub coordinator, at for more information.

SPFT’s work has been noticed and featured in MinnPost, the Twin City Daily Planet, In These Times, and NBC’s Today Show during Education Nation.

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1098 Visits Made over the 2016-17 School Year (so far)!

This year we reached 1098 visits, showing that educators in Saint Paul want to continue to reach out, build relationships with and learn from our families.

Here are our top three home visit sites in Saint Paul Public Schools:

  • Frost Lake: 181 Visits
  • Wellstone: 127 Visits
  • Johnson Sr: 84 Visits

Across the district:

  • 30% of our visits were to homes of African American students
  • 31% of our visits were to homes of Asian American students
  • 16% of our visits were to homes of Latino students
  • 14% of our visits were to homes of Caucasian students
  • 5% of our visits were to home of Bi-racial students
  • 1% of our visits were to homes of American Indian students


  • Meet Our Trainers: Learn about the educators and parents who lead our trainings.
  • Testimony: Interested in PTHVP but want to hear other educators and parents experiences with home visiting? Watch some short videos about the impact of PTHV.
  • Forms: Find sample letters to send home at the beginning of the school year.
  • Evaluation: Read findings of a report from Goff Pejsa and Associates, LLC on the effectiveness of PTHV (published in 2014).
  • Statistics: Find the complete home visit statistics for Saint Paul during the 2016-17 school year.
  • Home Visit Tracker