Home Visits Trainers

Parent Teacher Home Visits Trainers

Learn a little more about our wonderful trainers for the St Paul Parent Teacher Home Visits by reading below:

Kirinda Anderson is a Parent Trainer. Kirinda is a resident of Saint Paul and attended Saint Paul Public Schools, graduating from the former Arlington Senior High School in 2000. Now she is the mother of a 10 year-old who attends Paul and Shelia Wellstone Elementary. Her passion for the Project lays in one core belief: every child can achieve greatness. We all just need to guide them and wrap our arms around them, so they know we care and they can succeed. She is very excited to be apart of the Saint Paul training team!zuki

Zuki Ellis is the original Parent Trainer for the Saint Paul team, and she has been instrumental in shaping and growing the program. She has been a fierce advocate for home visiting and for the kids and families of Saint Paul. In addition she provides support for families who have students with disabilities through the PACER Center. Her passion to support students and their families led her to run and be elected for Saint Paul Board of Education in 2015, where she currently serves as the Vice Chair.
Zuki is a native of Saint Paul, Minnesota where she attended and graduated from Saint Paul Public Schools and went on to continue her education at Metropolitan State University. She is married to Gregory Ellis, and they have three sons. Two of her sons have finished their schooling in Saint Paul Public Schools, and her youngest is a 3rd grader currently attending JJ Hill Elementary in SPPS.

Nick Faber is the Vice President of the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers. He has taught in Saint Paul for 29 years and worked at Galtier, John A. Johnson and Cherokee.  Nick is also the Board President of the national Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project.

Andrea Hafiz is a kindergarten teacher at Galtier Community School. She has been working in education since 2001. She completed her BS at St. Catherine’s and her Master’s at the U of MN. Andrea loves learning with families. She plans to return to Hamline to work on her EdD, focusing on making a stronger connection between school, family, and the community. Andrea remembers being a young child, and wishing that her teacher would come to her house or at least be at the same store at the same time. Andrea enjoys teaching kindergarteners, she says that they keep her young at heart!
Julianne Hinchcliffe is a social worker at Paul and Sheila Wellstone Elementary, who has worked with students and families in St Paul since 1993. Although she is a clinical social worker by trade, her current job title is “School Mom.” This title emerged because of the personal relationships with students and families that were built through home visiting and community involvement. She has been a trainer and recruiter for this project since the start in 2010.
Sarah Johnson is a parent of three St. Paul students ages 10,12 and 15. She has taught in St. Paul for 19 years, currently working as a coach and intervention teacher at Four Seasons A+ Elementary. In addition to teaching children, Sarah facilitates professional development classes for educators through AFT’s Educational Research and Dissemination program.
“Working on the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project has been a labor of love.  I see firsthand how students achieve more and have increased positive feelings about school when both educators in their lives, the home and school, are partnering together,” says Sarah.
Brian Pearson has been an Educational Assistant with St. Paul Public Schools for 20 years, 19 of which have been with Murray Middle School in the special education program. In addition, he has coached hundreds of SPPS middle and high school scholars in a variety of sports. Brian is also serving his second term on the SPFT’s Executive Committee. The home visit program is dear to Brian’s heart. Growing up in foster care, he recognized the value of educators going above and beyond to build connections with students who may not have many positive adult relationships or whose families are unsure how to best support their child’s education.
Miesha Sanders, a graduate of St. Paul Central, first got involved with PTHV when she was working on her Master’s in Leadership at Augsburg College. Her involvement as a parent trainer led her to seek employment for SPPS, where she served as a teaching assistant at Paul and Sheila Wellstone. She became a parent leader for PTHV at the national level being apart of the national training team. She is on her way to growing her local leadership even more as the Hub Coordinator for the state of Minnesota. She has 2 daughters that attend JJ Hill, and she credits her home visit with her decision to keep her oldest enrolled in SPPS after a rough start to her daughter’s kindergarten year.

Staretta Taylor-Cooper was born in Detroit, Michigan. She is married to a former Obama Elementary fourth grade teacher, Quennel Cooper Sr., who now serves in Inver Grove Heights as an assistant principal. She and Quennel have a son who attends West Saint Paul Public Schools. Staretta currently teaches preschoolers at Barack and Michelle Obama Service Learning Elementary.

Staretta graduated from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, Michigan in 2008 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Early Childhood Education. She received her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from University of Phoenix in 2010. She enjoys teaching all grades levels with animation expressions and great enthusiasm. She speaks with an energetic voice that draws scholars to enrich their learning and stay engaged. Her daily goal is to pass on her love and passion to learn to her scholars that comes into her presence.  Staretta did home visits as a teacher in Detroit before coming to Minnesota. She strongly believes that her scholars and families benefited from her home visits through building a stronger relationship and deeper cultural understanding.

When she is not teaching or planning awesome things for her scholars, she enjoys shopping on clearance and online, spending quality time with her family, Latin dancing, watching movies, and being involve in her place of worship.



Rebecca Wade is a special education teacher currently on release working as the Coordinator of Professional Development for the St. Paul Federation of Teachers. Rebecca earned her B.A. in Language Arts, 7-12 Secondary Teaching License, and K-12 EBD License from the University of St. Thomas and Master’s degree in Special Education at the University of St. Thomas. She is currently an Executive Board member for the St. Paul Federation of Teachers, a trainer with the Parent Teacher Home Visit Project, and a local and national facilitator of the American Federation of Teachers Professional Development. Rebecca lives in St. Paul and enjoys spending time with her four daughters.