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Fill out an application for the May 18-20 Training and the June 15-17 Training today!

Applications for the May and June Bargaining for the Common Good Trainings are open now. Applications for May will be accepted through April 1, 2017 and applications for June being accepted through May 1, 2017.  This opportunity is available to any NEA local.

More information about the St. Paul Institute’s Three Day Trainings can be found here. Do not buy plane tickets until you’ve been officially accepted. If you have any questions, contact Leah Lindeman at or Patrick Burke at Both of them can be reached at (651) 222-7303.

The Saint Paul Institute

All across the country, unions are taking back public education by going on the offense, taking risks, and trying new organizing models that fight for innovative policy in the interest of their students and their communities. In Minnesota, the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers accepted the call to change the way it approached building power and negotiating contracts so that it could bring about real change for its community. SPFT has been a national leader in innovative social justice unionism. It has built the capacity to mobilize thousands of parents, teachers, students, and other community members around shared values and beliefs.


In 2014, after years of contentious contract battles with the Saint Paul Public School District, SPFT signed a landmark agreement that included provisions for smaller class sizes, access to preschool, placing teaching before testing, educating the whole child, family engagement, wage and benefit increases, culturally relevant education and high-quality professional development for teachers. Now, SPFT is launching the Saint Paul Institute, in conjunction with the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, to share lessons learned and support other locals’ social justice contract fights.

For more information about the Cohorts and the NEA Three Day Trainings, follow the links below.

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